1/144 scale
Dedicated display base x 1
Rear engine effect part x 1
1/144 Finn(seated)x 1
1/144 Rey(seated)x 1
1/144 Han Solo(seated)x 1
1/144 Chewbacca(seated)x 1
1/144 BB-8 part x 1
Canopy x 2 types(clear part x 1/frame part x 1)
Hatch open/close parts x 1 set
Landing gears x 1 set
Water-transfer decal x 1
Marking sticker x 1
*The actual products may vary from the images.
*The assembled products are partially painted for presentation purposes.
*All information provided on this website is subject to change.
Select marks from a choice of simple stick marking decals or the realistic water-transfer decals.
The canopy includes two types: Clear Parts and Frame Parts.
Cockpit interior is highly detailed. Attached characters can be mounted as well.
A set of landing gears included for simulating landing state.
Hatchway opening and closing can be recreated by simply switching the parts.
Detailed recreation of various parts of the craft.
The upper area of the craft recreates the internal detail when the exterior is removed.
Flight condition is replicated with clear blue effect parts that can be selected for the rear engine.
Includes an angle-adjustable display stand resembling the Jakku desert.