[ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story]
1/72 scale & 1/144 scale
A luxury set of the Red Squadron X-Wing Starfighter
that includes a 1/72 scale and a 1/144 scale version.

Dedicated display base x 2 (for 1/72 scale, for 1/144 scale)
Landing gears x 1 set
Canopy x 2 types(frame part x 1/ clear part x 1)
Seated pilot x 1
Droid part x 2 types
Water-transfer decal x 1 (for 1/72 scale, for 1/144 scale)
Marking sticker x 1 (for 1/72 scale, for 1/144 scale)
*The actual products may vary from the images.
*The assembled products are partially painted for presentation purposes.
*All information provided on this website is subject to change.
Marking stickers and water-transfer decals replicate the distinctive coloring.
Includes accurate detail, and the distinctive wings can be posed opened and closed.
173mm long.
Two canopies are included: a translucent plastic canopy and a frame-only canopy.
Includes cockpit detail, and an in-scale seated pilot.
Includes detachable landing gear.
Adjustable dedicated display base.
A kit of a palm-sized replica of the X-Wing Starfighter.
Includes water-transfer decals, just like a scale model, for a beautiful finish.
A 1/144 scale model with the utmost detail that can be displayed alongside the 1/72 model.
Detailed recreation of various parts.
Droid parts are included.
Includes water-transfer decal and marking sticker.