Bond From Above

Simon Lam

Tribute to Unicorn Ep 01, The day of unicorn, where Banagher Links first met Audrey, sensed Audrey was falling through the sky, Banagher stole a Tolro-800 in order to rescue her.
The build started off with a Christmas tree ornament ball, cut in half to create the dome and the body of Tolro-800, plastic model kit of T-800 does not exist so this build was completely scratch built and kit bashed from an extensively long list of Gunpla parts. In scale of 1:20 as Banagher and Audrey were re-sculpt from 1:20 Bandai Gundam character model kit and pilot figures included from old MG model kits.
Colony City was created by multiple sets of Bandai's city landscape base kits combined in an angle that mimic the curved internal landscape of Industrial 7 space colony. The supporting column is made out of wood and boxed in with styrene plate, to create the artificial Sun that goes across the sky of Industrial 7.
One major challenge with this build is no Decal exist for a build of scale 1:20, so no decal is being used. This build is 100% hand painted with water base acrylic paint and a paint brush including all of the build title logo, warning signages and details.