Star Killer
I often see the paintwork on the AT-AT models over done.  Meaning too much dirt and grime, but this has a perfect balance of weathering throughout.  The verticle staining coming off the panel detail is done wonderfully.  I also appreciate the snow build up on the legs, something often missed with most models.
Sorry, had to add another AT-AT to my top 3.  I just love the ingenuity put into this design.  Lots of design work went into this.  I'm enjoying the cargo boxes on the sides.  Feels very Star Wars design language.  Also find the architecture to fit right into a Star Wars world.  It's not easy to come up with a new look for Star Wars, but the modeling here has proven to fit in, along with a sense of whimsy.  Always nice to see something playful and new.  
I don't know what the scale is here, but it looks like they have used the smallest Bandai falcon kit for this diorama.  Incredible amount of detail for such a small scaled set.  Great color palette, matching what the real park looks and feels like.  Fun to see small scaled Star Wars characters in foreground.  Taking on a lot of new build to construct a costume Batuu!
Amazing sense of atmosphere in this image.  The dense fog gives the impression of scale, but also a simplicity that makes the image clean and readable.  Also like the composition of the Tie Fighter and the Star Destroyer.   They've created an original Star Wars image that I haven't seen before, which doesn't happen that often.  Great color palette of warms and cools.
This almost feels like a shot from A New Hope.  The way the models are composed in the shot is well done.  Good sense of balance.  Also added a nice touch of motion blur.  Often times artists use too much motion blur and it distracts from the image.  There's a good sense of speed and drama in the image.  Also nice subtle lighting on the ships and Death Star.  Not too overlite.  Nice touch with a small amount of red lights on Tie Fighters and trench, adds another point of interest.
This is just a fun image.  Good sense of speed and drama.  Also a smart position for the camera, right on top of a speeder.  I feel like I'm riding with the other troopers.  Good weathering on both the troopers and the speeder bikes.  Compositionally it feels like we are following some kind of path, which gives the eye somewhere to go.  Don't hit that tree!
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