What to do if the system is not working properly

If you can't install the software
Please check the communication environment.
Please make sure you have at least 6 GB of free space on your computer.
If the application does not start
Examples of Countermeasures
Launching security software
Security software may interfere with communication.
In this case, please turn off your security software and allow the app to activate.
For detailed settings, please check the security software you are using.

Some communication providers may have port limits, so please check your contract and contact your provider.
Make sure you have sufficient memory space (1GB or more), for example by closing other applications.
If you cannot log in
After opening the GUNPLA VR Launcher, please login with your selected BNID Account. The Launcher will automatically download the program and start installing. After installation completes, press the “Launch GunplaVR!” button to begin.
Clicking the Launch button will start “Gunpla VR”, where you can personalize your avatar and enter the presentation room.
From there, the presentation will begin.
Since there is no way to enter your BNID login from inside the GUNPLA VR application, the program will not start unless opened using the Launcher tool. We ask that you please start by using the GUNPLA VR Launcher.
When directly opening GUNPLA VR, an ID/Password Login screen will appear, however, this is for administration users, and is not to be used with your BNID.
The GUNPLA VR Launcher continues to operate in the background while using GUNPLA VR. Clicking the CLOSE button will minimize the program to the Windows System Tray.
If you would like to run GUNPLA VR a second time, find the blue icon in the bottom- right Windows System tray, and double click it to re-open the launcher.
If the full-screen window appears white or the mouse appears to have trouble moving smoothly
In cases where the full-screen window appears white or the mouse appears to have trouble moving smoothly it is possible to change the graphic quality settings by going to Menu -> Settings -> Display Quality.
By selecting an appropriate level from the three settings of LOW MID HIGH you can enjoy the experience on your computer.
Other possibilities
If you receive a warning from anti-virus software, please ignore it and authorize the activation.
If you get a warning of Windows firewall, please authorize the activation.
You may not be able to log in if third party cookies are blocked. If you use Google Chrome, please make sure that "Block Third Party Cookies" is turned off in your settings.
If your avatar selection doesn't work
Your device may not meet the minimum system requirements, so please check the performance of the device you are using.
If your/someone else's avatar doesn't appear on the screen, or gets disconnected immediately, the cause may be your network settings.

Presentation Video Archive

On October 8, 2020 at 9:00 p.m., a video archive of the presentation will be available on video streaming platforms.
The content of the presentation is similar to that which takes place in the app.
It would be grateful if you would enjoy the presentation at the video archive, in the case you cannot participate in the presentation on the app due to communication problems.