When you can click the shopping cart mark

You can link to the product purchase page.
Even if you can access the product purchase page, sales may have ended.
Please check the product purchase page of the linked e-commerce site for the latest availability.

When the shopping cart mark does not appear

The pre-order will be started in the future, or this product is not available in your area.

Recommended specifications

For an optimal experience, using one of the following browsers is recommended when using "THE GUNDAM BASE VIRTUAL WORLD".

  ・Microsoft Edge
  ・Google Chrome (Latest version)
  ・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)

  ・Google Chrome (Latest version)
  ・Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
  ・Safari (Latest version)

*Depending on your PC and internet connection,
problems like video delay can reduce performance or hinder the operation.


・Do not use when tired or sleep deprived.
・Avoid use if prone to motion sickness.
・Stop use immediately if you feel uncomfortable or experience motion sickness symptoms.
・Take sufficient and regular breaks to ensure a healthy experience.
・Get plenty of rest if you feel uncomfortable after use.
・Consult with a doctor if uncomfortable symptoms do not subside.

Regarding shopping

Consider the following precautions before enjoying your shopping experience.
・Membership registration is required to purchase products.
・Purchasing and payment for products is conducted on individual e-commerce sites.
・Products available for purchase are limited. Please understand products may sell out.

Please check the e-commerce site for details on the terms and conditions.