The Figure-riseStandard SUPER SAIYAN SON GOKOU is so easy to build, anyone can do it! It features the Muscle Build-up System which lets you combine muscle parts to build up SON GOKOU’s macho body!
Check out SON GOKOU’s parts!
They’re already molded in accurate SUPER SAIYAN SON GOKOU colors.
The instructions are easy to follow, even for total beginners!
They’re fun to read and filled with tips about how to play.
All you need is a plastic nipper to build the kit.
Here we go... Building the kit!
Making SON GOKOU’s face is super easy! All you have to do is follow the instructions, cut the parts, and assemble. Right down to that wild SAIYAN hair. And then it’s time for some body building, with the special Muscle Build-up System! The muscles are all molded according to natural lines so the seams don’t stand out. And the joints bend in natural locations.
Look at those muscular arms!
The seams practically disappear - you’ve never seen a model like this!
That supercool SAIYAN hair is made from 7 parts!
Fit together, the seams are practically invisible.
Check out that sharp look!

Finished in about an hour!

Even a beginner can make a kit that looks like this!

Next let’s try posing!

You can pose it in all sorts of SON GOKOU-like poses!
Swap parts
to replicate
different scenes!
More action poses!
* This sample was painted for photographic purposes.
Use model marker pens to paint the grooves and highlight your kit’s fine details!
You can use brown markers to bring out skin features too!
A little customization
brings out the most in the model!