Coup d etat Qubeley Evolved

Nico Suratos

The focus of the build was to maximize the design of the MG Qubeley without the use of resin parts, 3d Printed parts or kitbash too much. My goal was to make a more menacing and evolved Qubeley by combining two MG Qubeley kits into one Qubeley Evolved Version. I was able to do this by chopping up the parts and combining into one. I combined the 2 waists together, extended the feet, chopped up the head and inserted a wire. And combined all the armors into one. I wanted the design to look mature therefore I did not do a ton of scribing and detailing that sometimes will look to noisy and crowded, I wanted the design to speak for itself and look impressive without looking overly detailed.

The individual MSs are carefully colored, making the work eye-catching.
The entire work also makes good use of the base, which is sloped to incorporate differences in elevation, to achieve a dramatic expression of the work.
The poses of the figures are meek in relation to the overall sense of urgency, slightly detracting from the sense of realism, and the work would be better if the overall thematic setting were consistent.