The Red Star of the North

Ace C. Eleptico

I custom build my rg sazabi from parts to parts so that my entry is different to other entries. I made a custom back pack made by sintra board and plastic plates.I also custom the fuel tanks much bigger than the original parts. I paint it with 2 different red color. I also made a new custom shield so that it make looks stunning.i also make a octo claw made by tube pen and cintra board.i also custom the beam rifle much bigger. I also cut some parts so that I can put some inner details for it. I also made a diorama so that it may looks realistic. I also put a acrylic base with zeon flag of it. I hope you appreciate my work... Take care and godbless

The base structure surrounding Sazabi makes full use of the space, making Sazabi's red body stand out against the gray of the base.
Since the entire structure is mechanical, the tentacle-like manipulators feel a little uncomfortable, so a sense of unity should be maintained.