Lock and Load


The concept is a sci-fi war machine with complete weapons docked in maintenance bay. The story about this kit is that the head part of the Gundam was missing, but all the parts are complete. So I improvised and made a head. (Since the kit was bought and played 2 years ago.)
For the weapons, I made a long range gun on the right arm, a Gatling gun on the left, missile launcher on the right shoulder, and a missile tank launcher on the left shoulder.
I also put lights on the maintenance dock from the ceiling up to the ground. Also added some changing-color cockpit light, and blue lasers at the front as seen in Gundam movies.
A sci-fi war machine in a dock maintenance bay, ready for battle!

The modeling of the mobile worker, rather than a mobile suit, is well put together.
The colorful base color scheme is contrasted with the chic mechanical colors, whici makes the work interesting.
The layout of the main body and base is neatly arranged, giving the quiet impression.
In order to show the long front and back body, it is good to create the diagonal layout to add dynamic impression by showing the front and sides of the body.