Hero's Welcome

Aye Francisco

This diorama is the homecoming of Aile Strike Gundam as well as the aftermath of a battle. The gundam and its Skygrasper were repainted and weathered for a more realistic look to show how damaged it is. The "sea" is made out of clear resin and I added some details inside like a ruined aircraft to show the battle's aftermath.

The atmosphere of a well-used aircraft is well expressed by the paint.
The direction of the Strike moving on the sea is clear by drawing the surface of the sea with the waves standing at the feet, and the expression of the waves is also good with the coloring effect to give a natural look.
The depth of the water is also well done, depending on the transparency of the sea, so it would be an interesting work if the depth of the water were made a little deeper to show the conditions under the surface of the sea.