Philippines ≫

    Mark Mediavillo
    (マーク メディアヴィロ)

    Enemy Spotted
    (エネミー スポッテッド)

     Hong kong ≫

    Lui Chun
    (ルイ ジュン)

    FRX-300 Gundam Leonidas
    (エフアールエックス スリーハンドレッド
    ガンダム レオニダス)

     China ≫

    Wu XiaoHui
    (ウ ショー ヒ)

    (サッドネス イン ザ ペイン フェルト)


     Japan ≫

    May Hata
    (メイ ハタ)

    Devil's contract - the final redemption
    (デビルズ コントラクト - ザ ファイナル

     Malaysia ≫

    James Lim Yuan Soon
    (ジェームス リム)


     Hong Kong ≫

    Lau Chun Hei
    (ラウ ジュン ヘイー)

    破狼撃 (FATAL ATTACK) 
    (フェイタル アタック)

  •  Australia ≫

    Kirin-Leigh Lewjuan Han>
    (キリン レイ リュジュアン ハン)


  •  Taiwan ≫

    Chen Jheng Yi>
    (チェン ジェン イ)

    Sieg Zeon
    (ジーク ジオン)

RESULT -OPEN COURSE- 《審査結果-オープンコース-》
RESULT -JUNIOR COURSE- 《審査結果-ジュニアコース-》

Australia Open Course Champion


Kirin-Leigh Lewjuan Han(キリン レイ リュジュアン ハン)

The story of the kit is, could the Banshee be the protector, or destroyer of the area he has been summoned to.


Australia Junior Course Champion

The Demons Throne(ザ デモンズ スローン)

Benny Ma(ベニー マー)

Once a hero who seeked to defeat the evil that once plagued his home, as his quest was complete. He found himself becoming the Demon King that he sought to defeat. In the end you either die a hero or you live long to see yourself become the villain. Those below the throne are warriors who also attempted such quest but failed.



Canada Open Course Champion

The Crimson Ogre(ザ クリムゾン オーガ)

Lam Tak Tai(ラム タク タイ)

Inspired by MSV-R, Johnny Ridden went MIA after 0079. Secretly working under Chimera Corps, Johnny's mission was to prevent the exposure of CCM-91 Chimaira at all cost. Nuclear weaponry from GP02 obtained during 0083 was an ideal solution as it provide safety switch that can eliminate any unexpected intruder or worst case scenario the very existence of CCM-91 itself if falls into Federation's hand. Hence this Nuclear equipped "赤鬼" is constructed for Johnny himself.

「MSV-R」からインスピレーションを受け、この作品をつくるにあたった。ジョニー・ライデンが宇宙世紀0079年の戦いの後に、行方不明になり、キマイラ隊に秘密裏に入ったという設定だ。ジョニーのミッションは、CCM-91キマイラの存在を敵から隠し、守ることだった。宇宙世紀0083に、GP02から奪取した核兵器は、このミッションにおいて、理想的な武装であった。侵入者に対しての対策にもなるほか、最悪の場合、その存在自体を連邦の手に渡る前に抹消することができるからだ。故にこの核兵器を搭載した”The Crimson Ogre(赤鬼)”は、そのミッションのためのジョニー・ライデン専用機である。


China Open Course Champion

SADNESS'S IN THE PAIN FELT(サッドネス イン ザ ペイン フェルト)

Wu Xiao Hui(ウ ショー ヒ)

It's a story about UC:0079 Thunderbolt. Because I think the sadness in this story, will be more infectious with music, so I also put a speaker in my work. And please try enjoy my work with music, you will find that it's not just GUNPLA, it will become the ART.


China Junior Course Champion


Pen ChoXiang(ぺンチュショ)

I challenged marble effect painting on this work for the first time. Weathering and damage techniques were also applied.



France Open Course Champion


Crespi Jean-Philippe(クレスピー ジャン フィリップ)

As a fan of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team", I wished to reproduce a scene where an elite squad of Zeon are hunting down the last survivor of the federation squad who has stolen secret documents. The MS has been shot down and the pilot finally made it out alive and is running away with the briefcase. The manhunt begins.
For the customization of the Zakus, I used many parts of different Gunpla. (Ex: The Bazooka of MS-09 for the Gatling, a mix of 3 weapons for the Sniper rifle) The scenery as well as the running pilot are all personal creation. I really enjoyed myself to create this diorama !

「機動戦士ガンダム 第08MS小隊」のファンとして、秘密文書を盗んだ連邦部隊の最後の生き残りを追うジオンのエリート部隊を、この作品で描きたいと思いました。機体は破壊され、それでも秘密文書の入ったブリーフケースを持って逃げるパイロット。さあ、狩りの始まりだ。

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Open Course Champion

FRX-300 Gundam Leonidas(エフアールエックス スリーハンドレッド ガンダム レオニダス)

Lui Chun(ルイ ジュン)

The concept is create a works as a "Super robot" instead of traditional Gundam. “Leonidas" means to protect the spirit of the Gundam under its leg,and use its strong body to fight with the invader. It is also named as the "metal door's guardian"


Hong Kong Junior Course Champion

破狼撃 (FATAL ATTACK)(フェイタル アタック)

Lau Chun Hei(ラウ ジュン ヘイー)

Barbatos battles with powerful body without help, got mortal wound by enemy. Who is going to win?



Indonesia Open Course Champion

Final Bullet(ファイナル バレット)

Muhammad Adely Riza(ムハンマド アデリー リザ)

Battle of Gunman vs Swordsman out of the frame with abstract painting. Floating fire & slow motion like in the movie. Fume effect made by recycle material.


Indonesia Junior Course Champion

JINSEI NO HANA ("THE FLOWER OF LIFE")(ジンセイ ノ ハナ ("ザ フラワー オブ ライフ"))

Jedidia Suksmatatya Husodo(ジェディディア サクスマタヤ フソド)

Jinsei No Hana. Meaning Life Blossom, is a kimono made of silk and was inspired by Japanese culture. The Sakura tree stands for blooming, and the golden leaves for nostalgia.



Italy Open Course Champion

CRIMSON TITAN(クリムゾン タイタン)

Riccardo Forni(リカルド フォルニ)

The model is created with kitbash technique and some parts are scratch build from zero using plastic card. Whole model is supported with metal pins inside the big rifle. All the backpack is composed by a few parts assembled by magnets



Japan Open Course Champion

RX-78GP03 DENDROBIUM(アールエックス セブンティエイト ジーピーゼロスリー デンドロビウム)

Hiroki Shimoda(ヒロキ シモダ)

Only the work which is outside the world of GUNDAM series and the one with massive armory should not be seen as creative works.
I personally believe that creating own work within the world of GUNDAM could express Japaneseness. In order to combine "idea" and "originality", I have used one of the largest GUNPLA, "Dendrobium" as a 50cm square cut-model.
I would like to propose my way to express "creativity".


Japan Junior Course Champion

Devil's contract - the final redemption(デビルズ コントラクト - ザ ファイナル リデンプション)

May Hata(メイ ハタ)

The right eye, right hand and right part of his entire body… Every time Augus Mikazuki brought out the power of Barbatos, he paid for its cost.. At his last battle, Mikazuki traded his life to the devil for its demonic power and it seemed that he executed his will. I have created the mental scenery of his trade with the devil on this diorama.



Malaysia Open Course Champion

THE LAST STAND(ザ ラストスタンド)

Mohd Nuzul Amin (モハマッド ノジュー アミン)


スナイパータイプのジムと近接格闘タイプのジム2機は、指揮官用ザクⅡと乱戦になる。 GMが今のところ優勢だが・・・。

Malaysia Junior Course Champion


James Lim Yuan Soon(ジェームス リム)

For a country, the lives of everyone rests on the shoulders of the soldiers, as if the weight of the Gundam wasn't enough. They will fight with everything they got, not just for the sake of themselves, but also for the fate of their own country. Both sides will fight until their very last breath. Strive on!!!



Philippines Open Course Champion

Enemy Spotted(エネミー スポッテッド)

Mark Mediavillo(マーク メディアヴィロ)

After the GBWC 2016 finals, I expected that it would be difficult to win and be a Philippines representative once more. It is a challenge to my self. I still imagine that I am part of Gundam Build Fighters competition and I want to challenge and defeat the last year's champion in a battle.. the angel, Graze ein Custom: Balawis. Then I came up with an idea of.. combining 4 1/100 full mechanics kits and I called him the devil, Gundam Barbatos: Ruh Hastasi Rex.

2016年のGBWC世界決勝の後、もう一度フィリピン代表になることは難しいだろうと私は思っていた。これは私自身への挑戦だった。私は今でも、”ガンダムビルドファイターズ”の劇中にいるように感じているし、昨年のチャンピオンに挑戦し、倒したいと思っている。昨年作成し、一緒にGBWC2016を戦った”GRAZE EIN CUSTOM: BALAWIS(グレイズ アイン カスタム:バラウィス)”からヒントを得て、この”Gundam Barbatos: Ruh Hastasi Rex.”という悪魔をつくったのだ。

Philippines Junior Course Champion

CLONED: METAMORPHOSIS(クローンド: メタモルフォーシス)

Marlon Kaegy Carreon(マーロン ケージー カリオン)

CLONING is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals, a process used to create copies of fragments mechanical in nature thus introducing Metamorphosis. METAMORPHOSIS, the process by which an entity physically develops after hatching, involving an abrupt change in the body structure through cell growth and differentiation producing THE FINAL EVOLUTION STAGE OF G-SELF GUNDAM. TAKE NOTE that all materials used herein are from home recycled materials.

クローンとは、同一の遺伝子を持った個体をつくることだが、それは、機械的に生物の要素をコピーするもので、故に突然変異(メタモルフォーシス)を起こす。その変異を利用し、最終進化を遂げたのが、このガンダム G-セルフである。


Singapore Open Course Champion

Cardinal - The light bringer(カーディナル - ザ ライト ブリンガー)

David Liew Shi Wei(デイビッド リウ シー ウェイ )

Cardinal was design to fit into the Universal Century timeline alongside with Full Frontal’s mobile suit. Its designs were geared to look like a mechanical deity showing strengths with elegance. While its massive size and details strike fears into the opponent, the golden fin helps to balance out the heavy shades of red.
The Name "The Light Bringer", hoping it will bring hopes into the all gunpla modeler who have been pushing themselves to the next level while struggling with daily life challenges.

この”Cardinal”は、他のフル・フロンタルのモビルスーツとともに、同じ時代に存在していたという設定でデザインをしました。力と優雅さを兼ね備えた”機械の神”をイメージしています。その巨大で荘厳な姿は敵に恐怖を与えます。背後の黄金の羽根で、全体の赤い印象を引き締め、バランスを整えました。 "The Light Bringer"とは”光をもたらすもの”という意味で、日々の忙しい生活の中で、より高いレベルに向かい努力しているガンプラビルダーに希望をもたらすものという意味を込めました。

Singapore Junior Course Champion


Renee Teo En Rui(リニー テオ エン ルイ )

About a scene to Rescue an injured DOM. Focus on the teamwork in the Rescue operation. Effect of the diorama is make with just different sizes of straws and plastic-plate.


South Korea

South Korea Open Course Champion


Park Junghun(パク ジョンフン)

If SINANJU actually existed, I imagined that it would be like this.


South Korea Junior Course Champion

Dual Personality(デュアル パーソナリティ)

Hong Jaehyeog(ホン ジェヒョク)

Using the UNICORN GUNDAM, I want to express his dual personality.



Taiwan Open Course Champion

Sieg Zeon(ジーク ジオン)

Chen Jheng Yi(チェン ジェン イ)

I did my best to paint the main characters in "One Year War" and their typical scenes exquisitely on the body of Char's Zaku II to show my admiration to Yoshikazu Yasuhiko.


Taiwan Junior Course Champion

WITH FULL FIREPOWER(ウィズ フル ファイアパワー)

Chen Wei Po(チェン ウェイ ポ)

Recreate the fighting scene in universe by maximizing the firepower of Psycho Zaku.



Thailand Open Course Champion

Journey to heaven(ジャーニー トゥー ヘブン)

Bencharong Auttarachon(ベンチャロン アウタラチョン)

A journey to heaven is the final journey after death has arrived. The person who made the good and the right people to get up on it.
Those who do good in heaven. It will not be sick and go to good landscape.


Thailand Junior Course Champion

Waiting for the revival(ウェイティング フォー ザ リバイバル)

Pachara Oranriksupuk(パチャラ オランリクスパック)

The Ultimate Dream : Waiting for the Revival
A boy whose dream is to see moveable Gundam come true. When he grows up and becomes a part of “Gundam Revival 2019 Project”.
This work shows the table of Mechanical Engineer. A part of production team who works hard to ensure the project is on schedule for 2019. His effort is driven from postcards of Gundam fans, all around the world, waiting for the return.
He promises fans that the moveable Gundam will be back and Gundam promises him too. ALL TIME HERO will Revive.



U.S.A. Open Course Champion

The Sorcerer(ザ ソーサラー)

Zhiming Gao(ジミン ガオ)

Jewelry including earrings, necklaces, rings, and cloth are used throughout the body of the sorcerer to add intricate detail while manicure material is used for the patterns on the armor. Weapons and the large pair of hands are scratch built.



Vietnam Open Course Champion

Flower After War(フラワー アフター ウォー)

Nguyen Hong Hai(グエン ホン ハイ)

The concept took after the end of Gundam X Series, when Garrod and Tiffa rebuilt the Gundam Double X on the moon by what's left of D.O.M.E.'s lunar base.
The Gundam is redesigned into a new and better one.
The base's design is based on D.O.M.E.'s room with Newtype's X-shaped light strips.


Vietnam Junior Course Champion

The Rival(ザ ライバル)

Le Quoc An(ル コック アン)

"THE RIVAL" is inspired from the most interesting fight in the one of my favorite game.

本作品”THE RIVAL"は、私の好きなゲームから着想を得たものです。ガンダムの世界でライバルという構図があった場合どうなるかを自分の好きな機体で表現しました。