Test - The Deep

Lee Lin

Deep Strike was never made in UC world. I was wondering and imagining that the engineers have tried to put some weapon on Ex-S to test the D-S.
I simplified the DS's backpack and thrusters from the DS and retrofitted them on the Ex-S. I also added details to the body and modified the proportions. I shortened and widened the thighs, and I shortened and thickened the knee INCOM launchers to enhance the lower body's sense of power. In terms of painting, I integrated elements from the DS and sprayed the shoulders in red to emphasize its identity as a transitional test unit. Considering this is a large-scale unit, I added slight weathering for added realism.
The diorama base was self-made using plastic sheets, and the scaffolding was taken from two PG GP01 kits and assembled freely to complete the project.