Tristan Angel

I used the MG Alex 2.0 and MG Gundam MK.II 2.0 to do my first kitbash, using different parts from both of them. I also used different marterials such as different types of putty and pla-plates, and did some scribing. I gave the model a dulled down colour pallete as well, not wanting it to be bright and joyful. I decided to remove some of it's limbs and add some wiring coming out, and heavily damage it with with a variety of methods such as using a knife, souldering iron, and lighter. Along with my first kitbash, I also did my first diorama. I chose to do a beach theme, wanting to experiement with different elements such as rocks in the cliff face, trees, grass, sand, and water.

The atmosphere of the MS lying on the beach is well conveyed. The placement of damaged marks around the unit and the wreckage of the opponent's unit can give a sense of the drama leading up to this scene.