Essential Infomation.   To Minor, those information will be essential
Category*Your age  Open Category (ages 15 and up)    Junior Category (ages 14 and under)
     (born in and before 2001)                  (born in and after 2002)
Name Last/Family name    First/Given name 
Online name
used at the announcement of the results.
Please enter your real name if you don't need it.
Gender Male   Female
Date of Birth  date  month   Year 
Address Postal Code 
  State and/or Province 
  Street and City 
  Building,Floor,Apt, or Unit# 
Telephone No. --
E-mail Address
Guardian Consent  I have consent from Parent/Guardian for entry.
Name of the Guardian Family Name    Given name 
Telephone No. of the Guardian --
E-mail Address of the Guardian
Title of Entry
Gunpla Used  (e.g. RG Aile Strake Gundam)
Please describe what you have done on your model.(2000 character limit with spases)
Image 1(Front View)
Image 2(Back View)
Image 3(Supplementary Picture)
  • Image 1 (front view): Front facing image of the model.
  • Image 2 (back view): Back facing image of the model.
  • Image 3 (supplementary picture): Selling point of the model.
*All images must be 2MB or smaller, must be in JPEG format.

Please make sure that the images are of good quality.
Entries with low quality images may be disqualified.

*Entrants are fully responsible for any cost of internet access and data fees for entry.
If you can't upload…
   If the application form does not work, please send an E-mail with the data of your application to the following address.
   When we receive your E-mail properly, we'll send you an E-mail to inform you that your application has been accepted.
Confidentiality agreement
  • By entering the competition, entrants agree to BANDAI using personal information in the conditions listed below.
    1. Managing entries to this competition.
    2. Contacting entrants to verify and/or to inform winning announcements as well as inquiry correspondence.
    3. Displaying the submitted work with the entrant's name etc., as well as other purposes for using works.
    4. Delivering your information to third party to contact just for 1-3.
      Sharing entrants' private infomation with the third paries for condacting above 1~3 action.
  • We do not share entrants' private information with third parties without entrants' agreement or under conditions that are necessary for fulfilling legal obligations, and to use for publications and other things that are listed on the official rules.
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